1. Loosen the side knob (B1) and open the side cover (B2).
2. Use a 4mm hexagon wrench to loosen the screw (B3), unscrew it counter clockwise.
3. Replace with a new diamond grinding wheel and tighten the screw after the wheel is installed.
4. Be sure to close the side cover (B2) properly and to fasten the side knob (B1).

Please DO NOT switch on the machine BEFORE
1. The diamond wheel screw (B3) is tightly screwed.
2. The side cover (B2) is properly closed.
3. The right knob (B1) is fully fastened.
※ In case of any hazard occurring, please make sure that the above measures are followed strictly.
※ The machine has an automatic Power-off device to ensure operator’s safety. Power supply will be cut-off immediately when the cover is opened.
Patented Features 1. Double-bearing grinding unit (reduces wear).
2. Drill tightened design with bearing device.
3. Adjustable trimming angle.
Standard Accessories 1. ER collects, 2.5mm-12mm (12pcs).
2. CBN Diamond wheel #200*1 pcs (High Speed Drill).
3. 4mm, 5mm Hexagon (Hex.) wrench*1 pcs each..
Optional Accessories 1. SDC #400 Diamond wheel (carbide drill).
2. CBN #400 Diamond wheel (<4mm, High Speed drill).
3. ER Collets, 3.5-12.5mm (10pcs).
Type DM-213
Drill Diameter 2mm – 13mm
Point Angle 85° ~ 140°
Power Supply AC110 / AC 220 50 / 60HZ
Motor 150 W
R.P.M 6000 RPM
Weight 10 kgs
L X W X H 305 x 172 x 180
Safety Instructions
Drill Grinding procedures
Names of Components
Replacing The Grinding Wheel
Preparation Before Grinding Drill
Maintenance After Operation
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